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Snow Removal Guidelines


Terms & Conditions

TERMS OF REGULAR SERVICE: This Agreement term begins on November 1st and ends April 1st of the following year. The Agreement covers all snowfalls of five (5) cm or more. Tractors, blowers and other snow removal equipment commence operations only after a minimum of five (5) cm of snow is ground measured. In the case of heavy snowfalls, multiple clearings may take place.

This snow removal contract agreement DOES NOT include any responsibility by the “Contractor” for ice accumulation.

FINAL SNOW REMOVAL CLEARING: A final clearing of your property usually takes place within eight (8) hours of the initial clearing. Last clearings are subject to the timing of snow debris left by the City of Ottawa snow removal equipment.

CITY PLOW DEBRIS: To facilitate city road and sidewalk plow debris, the “Contractor” will remove accumulated debris when cleaning the driveway. Should a request by the “Customer” for a callback due to additional overnight city plowing, as a result of parked cars on the street or the dumping of additional snow or snow boulders in the “Customer’s driveway by a city sidewalk plow, a further dispatch charge per tractor visit of $85 + HST will apply.

LANEWAY OBSTRUCTIONS: It is the responsibility of the “Customer” to remove from their laneway vehicles, garage door pull-down ropes, extension cords, garbage cans, flower pots, basketball nets, other obstructions and overhanging tree branches that can damage tractor windows. The “Customer” is responsible for marking any steps protruding into the driveway with a pail of sand and stick marker. In addition, the “Customer” is responsible for marking and identifying any Interloc or retaining walls that follow the driveway’s edge. The “Contractor” assumes no responsibility for damaging any snow-covered hidden steps or obstructions not identified by the homeowner. The “Contractor” will only remove snow up to any parked vehicle in the driveway. If the “Customer” wishes to have the driveway recleared with a second pass, the “Customer” must notify the “Contractor” within four (4) hours after the first pass.

LANEWAY SURFACE MARKING: The “Contractor” is not responsible for any laneway surface scratching or marking that may occur during snow removal operations.

PROPERTY DAMAGE AS A RESULT OF SNOW REMOVAL: At its expense, the “Contractor” will repair any disclosed laneway (obstructed) property damage directly associated to its snow removal operations. Any damage must be immediately reported to the “Contractor.” The “Contractor” will not be held responsible for ANY property damage reported to the “Contractor” after May 1st of the current contract term. Property damage does not include any stated damage to any laneway parked motor vehicles.

PLOWING SETBACK: Our plow clearing starts two feet away from any garage door, house, side-lot building, or visible obstructions alongside a driveway to avoid accidental damage. Drivers use their visual judgment to prevent damage to a client’s property.

PAYMENT: Payment for the contract term is in whole or two installments upon signing this agreement form. Payment is either by cheque(s), E-transfer or a valid Visa or MasterCard. Prices on this contract are NON-Negotiable.

DECLINED PAYMENTS: Any payment by cheque that the “Customers” financial institution declines will be subject to a $25.00 handling fee. Overdue account charges are 2% (two percent) interest per month.

RISK OF LOSS: By signing this snow removal agreement contract, the “Customer” agrees with the following. Snow removal operations require patience and time as there are many variables involved. Some sections of a street or neighbourhood may receive more snowfall or drifting snow than others. The “Contractor” follows a scheduled route. Not everyone can be first on the way. The “Customer” agrees that the “Contractor” holds no responsibility or liability for any loss of wages should the “Customer” be late for work due to circumstances beyond the “Contractors” control.

CLAIMS OF MISSED SERVICES: The “Contractor” uses “GPS-APP” technology to monitor laneway clearing. When cleared, the address is verified and mapped as cleaned. Returns for claims of missed services that prove false, such as for parked cars not moved between the initial clearing and the second pass after the city plow goes by, usually a 5 to 8-hour window, there will be an $85.00 + HST service charge. Laneways missed by equipment breakdown will be cleared as soon as possible without cost.

DOWNSLOPE LANEWAYS: Sloped driveways must have salt applications by the “Customer” or the “Contractor” on a cost-per-application basis. The “Contractor” will not guarantee complete clearing of sloped laneways if they are not maintained accordingly.

EMERGENCY SNOW REMOVAL: In the case of a sudden snowfall or high snow drifting due to wind not predicted or reported by any government or other weather reporting agency, the “Customer” may contact the “Contractor” for assistance. As a non-scheduled snow event, a charge of $85.00 plus the HST fee will apply.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Snow removal services not mentioned in this Agreement requested by the “Customer” are subject to a service charge of no less than $85.00 + HST.

OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE & AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOUR: The use of profane language or aggressive behaviour directed at the “Contractor,” its representatives or employees by the “Customer” or parties known to the “Customer” will not be tolerated and will automatically cancel the “Customers” snow removal agreement. Any payments made by the “Customer” are non-refundable. In addition, excessive phone calls, emails, text messages or social media outbursts by the “Customer” to the “Contractor” may evoke a cancellation of the Agreement.

LANEWAY MARKERS: The “Contractor” provides the “Customer” with laneway markers. The “Contractor” will pick them up at the end of the season. For any markers not picked up by April 30th, call the “Contractor” at 613-978-1119. There is no charge for this pickup. However, if the “Customer” disposes of the laneway markers without the consent of the “Contractor,” a $25.00 + HST service charge will apply.

EXPENSES: The “Customer” shall pay the “Contractor” all costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, incurred by the “Contractor” in exercising any of its rights or remedies or enforcing any of the terms, conditions, or provisions of this snow removal contract agreement.


Terms & Conditions

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