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Our Snow Removal Guidelines

Avoid Disappointment

To avoid disappointment, reserve and pay for your laneway clearing by September 30th. If you ask to become a customer during a snowstorm, there are no guarantees. We plow our regular customers first.

First Three Winter Storms

During the first three winter storms, new drivers are in training, supervisors follow up, and the office staff are involved with customer service.

Three-Step Cleaning Process

Our three-step cleaning process. The first pass is to clean. The second is to remove snowbanks after the city plow has passed. The third is to return, inspect and remove any accumulated snow. The timeline for this is generally 6 to 12 hours after the snow has stopped.

Snow Event

When a snow event is about to happen, our crews are on standby. Our office is closed the day before, during, and one day after a heavy snowfall. If you call, leave one message only. You can expect a courtesy reply after our office reopens. If you continue to call relentlessly in a non-emergency situation during a snow event, we may, with written notice, cancel your contract agreement without a refund issued.

When We Plow

We do not plow snow until 5cm is on the ground. If it snows 2cm per day for three days, we start to clean on the third day.

Your Responsibility

You are responsible for keeping electrical cords, garbage cans, downspouts and low hanging branches off the driveway. Items buried under the snow can damage our snow removal equipment, creating delays and expensive repairs.

Where To Park

Park your vehicle close to the house and one side of the driveway. Please do not park at the foot of the driveway blocking our cleaning process.

Helping Yourself

If you did not sign up for sidewalk shovelling service, please take a moment to push the snow away from any garage doors and edges to keep your driveway cleaner.

Your Plants

If you have any young trees or plants along the driveway area, please wrap them up or protect them with a wooden structure.


If our snow removal equipment removes any significant amount of sod or grass along driveway edges that cannot grow back on its own, we will repair it in the spring.

Scuffed surface driveway areas may occur as we try to remove any built-up snow areas. Markings are not usually permanent and disappear on their own.

Release Of Liability

We cannot be held responsible for any damage to the driveway, or plant areas that border the driveway including plastic edging, or for items left in the driveway or buried under the snow.